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The Authentic Look of Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl Flooring in Williston, VT

As you prepare to begin your home renovation plan, look no further as Flooring America in Williston, VT has you covered. For those unsure of which flooring type works best for their needs, consider a new set of luxury vinyl flooring for your home or office. Available in tile or planking, luxury vinyl is the perfect choice for those craving an authentic look at a cost that won’t break the bank. An extremely durable surface, luxury vinyl works great in any room and can be crafted with a design that mimics stone, hardwood, or marble.

Come on down to our showroom and meet our in-store associates who can answer any questions you have. As trained flooring professionals, our team can help with product selection, the setup of an initial consultation and measurements, and schedule a professional installation should you choose to purchase with us. Thanks to our 500-store national buying power, Flooring America has elevated to the area’s top flooring provider. Our vast selection of products and materials comes from high-quality manufacturers at an effective cost.

Choose Between Vinyl Tile or Vinyl Plank for Your Design Project

Do you want the majestic look of natural stone? How about the timeless and warm appearance of wood? With luxury vinyl tiles or planks, you can have either of these appearances along with many others.

Vinyl tiles are made to resemble natural stone and ceramic tiles in appearance. You’re promised the extra durability that makes vinyl tiles such a popular choice. Additionally, vinyl is more comfortable to walk on than natural tiles, making it a better option for you and your family. You can customize your vinyl tile with a range of patterns, glazes, and cuts for a unique look that is entirely your style.

For the natural wood look, vinyl planks are the best way to go. Designed to look like real wood grain, luxury vinyl plank flooring is a cost-effective alternative to using real hardwood in your home. Luxury vinyl is also considerably easier to maintain and does not require special finishes or polishes to look amazing. Achieve the warmth of rich mahogany or lighter birch from one of our vinyl plank selections.

Shop our stylish collection with brands including:

  • Downs H2O
  • Downs Life H2O
  • Galvanite
  • Spotlight Values
  • Core Elements
  • Genua
  • Shaw
  • Mannington
  • Mohawk

Resilient, Low-Maintenance Vinyl Flooring

If you are looking for a flooring solution that is easy to maintain and provides superior protection against moisture and damage, then luxury vinyl is the right choice. This resilient flooring option is easy to clean, with many spills and messes wiped away simply with a cloth or mop. We encourage our customers to regularly vacuum or sweep their new vinyl floor, and to consult their warranty before the purchase and use of a cleaner that may contain harsh chemicals. Get the added assurance of a waterproof vinyl floor when you shop our Downs H2O and Downs Life H2O brands!

Vinyl naturally blocks tough stains and is resistant to moisture, meaning it will keep its original beauty even after multiple spills and messes. This makes it a great option for moisture-prone bathrooms and basements, or households with pets and children. Unlike the thin sheet vinyl of decades past, modern upgrades have allowed for luxury vinyl to be produced in dense tiles or planks, protecting the vinyl itself, and the subfloor plan below. This protection also works to prevent water from getting under the flooring, which helps keep mold or mildew from forming.

Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

While all our luxury vinyl products are incredibly water-resistant, some brands and selections are stronger than others. The many layers of our vinyl plank prevent moisture from seeping through to the subfloor, making this type a great choice for spaces like kitchens. Choose a vinyl floor plan that contains enhanced urethane for extra protection. For a plank that provides maximum waterproof stability, browse our collection by Downs H2O, which offers enhanced water blocking technology within the product.

Complete Vinyl Installations by Our Team

Allow our team to handle your installation after you've decided on a flooring solution that fits your needs. Our reliable team of expert technicians has installed every type of flooring we carry, and we'll make sure your new surface looks fantastic in your home. By letting our Flooring America team take care of your luxury vinyl installation, you have peace of mind that your new surface is fitted perfectly into your home and that it will last for years.

Amateur craftsmanship can affect the functionality of your new flooring. Rather than attempt a DIY plan, you can rely on our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee for installation. If you are unhappy with our flooring installation job, give us a call within 30 days and we will gladly conduct any repairs free of charge.


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